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We are an award winning motion picture production and distribution company that focuses

on what the Hollywood system has forgotten about: telling a story.

Stories that inspire you. Stories that make you laugh, cry, and maybe even

think: what if? The possibilities are endless in storytelling. We hope this is

only the beginning of something that will leave a mark and hopefully in the

end mean something to you.

New Empire Productions was started in 2003 by Michael Winfrey, who wanted to create a
a place that would nuture creative imaginations to produce the best media and other 
special projects possible.

Since that time

people have come and gone but one this remains the same

they have expanded and worked on projects including: recording and producing

music, filming of live concerts, film work for a local college, and of course

motion picture projects.

Limbo was the first full length film and follows several short films that include

"The Warrior" and "For Hire". In 2008 NEP was awarded with three top

choice honors at competitions across the nation for the upcoming

film Sarah Jane Road.


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